Mounts, Mounts, And More Mounts For Overlanding!

Mounts, Mounts, And More Mounts For Overlanding!

We Have Mounts For Almost Everything At upTOP

One of the best things about upTOP is we have created over 15+ mounts to use on your roof or bed rack. When it come's to installation it is quick and easy as we provide drop in Tracnuts that can be used without removing a load bar.

Our most recent mount is the Straight-Up Side Mount allowing you to put gear off the side of your vehicle. Many of the roof top tents out there cover the racks useable space on a 4Runner, Tacoma, Jeep, and similar vehicles. It mounts flush to a load bar while having a roof top tent and has 3" of horizontal adjustment.  This mount can hold an awning, recovery gear, shovels, axes, fishing poles, and a whole lot of other things!


Mount for side of the vehicle powder coated in black.


Mounts And Brackets