Our entire team lives and breathes mountain air. We strive to work with local vendors for raw materials to produce a product that we can be proud of while sourcing from small American companies as much as possible. Because we manufacture all our products in-house, we can control our production demands to keep lead times short while promoting a healthy work-life balance for our team. All of our people live along the front range and take pride in the fact that upTOP products were born in the Rocky Mountains.


Through research and development using modeling and real-world testing, upTOP products are made with high quality materials sourced in the United States when possible including aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel. There is no one miracle material for every application and the experts at upTOP know what to use and when to use it.


When you choose upTOP for your rack you get the full attention of our team. Everyone here is empowered to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Send us an email? It will be answered the same day Monday through Friday. Want to call with a question? We’ve got an entire office staffed with experts ready to assist with all of your questions and concerns. We work for you.


Every product we produce blends the highest level of utility with no compromise on style, fit, and finish. Industry first true grab handles, integrated lighting solutions, and aerodynamics that make our racks nearly silent. We’ve been on the leading edge of rack technology from day one and continue to push the boundaries day in and day out.


The highest quality hardware is included with every product because we know that you and your rig are not fair-weather adventurers. Coming from Colorado we know all too much about wind, rain, snow and with 300+ days of sunshine a year selecting the proper hardware for each application is critical and we have it down to a science.


What is perfect for one person is not necessarily great for someone else. Our products are designed with adjustable cross bars and load panels so that installing the gear you need is quick and easy. We may not know exactly what you will put on your upTOP but we know it will fit without frustration.


Properly designed roof and bed racks don’t require major modifications to your vehicle that can hurt your resale value. Attention to detail in our design process ensures that your cameras and radio antennas remain intact and functional and we never interfere or inhibit any factory installed safety systems.