Rates upTOP Overland As One Of The Top CNC Roof Racks Rates upTOP Overland As One Of The Top CNC Roof Racks

In a recent article from we were ranked as one of the top 7 CNC roof racks for the 5TH GEN 4Runner. The following excerpt was written by Heath - 4R_2016 and quoted directly from their website. Go check them out for great information on mods, lighting, armor, accessories, gear, off-road, overland, installs, and more!


Side by side of the upTOP Overland Alpha and Bravo Series Roof rack for a 5th gen 4Runner.



  • CNC Aluminum Side Rails
  • Aluminum Extruded Cross Rails + Attachment Slots
  • Different Light Bar Cutout Options
  • Hardware Included
  • Sunroof Compatible
  • Scene Pod Knockouts
  • $800+


The upTOP Overland Bravo racks and Alpha racks are both two pretty stunning racks. The design is probably the best on the market in terms of aggressive looks and uniqueness.

The Bravo is one of the more affordable full-length CNC racks on the market. Don’t think that lower cost means lower quality because the Bravo has a lot to offer. It has a unique wind deflector unlike any of the other racks. The wind deflector is not as “low profile,” as the other racks, but it looks awesome! The wind deflector has multiple light bar cutout options, varying from 10-inch bars to 40-inch bars and more. This makes the upTOP stand out above many as they design fairings for full pars, partial bars, and even pods like the Baja LP-series. Some of the other racks mentioned in this article have a “one size fits all” cut out. So if you don’t get a light bar to fill the entire cutout, your rack just won’t look right. Well done upTOP!

Also, the Bravo has built-in scene pod knockouts. Scene pod knockouts are an incredible new feature that upTOP is using on their roof racks. These are perfectly cut, CNC holes in the side rail that allow for easy attachment of “scene pods.” Made out of aluminum, scene pods allow you to mount Baja Designs LED Rock Lights to your rack with ease. No extra drilling or cutting is required.

The Alpha is another low-profile roof rack, however, it offers a massive footprint. The rack measures 50″ wide in 98.5″ Long. That’s larger than almost any other roof rack on the market. The design of The Alpha is unlike anything we have seen before. It’s safe to say that UpTOP Overland is probably the leader in ingenuity, creativity and design integrations right now.

They feature internal design rails that you can have color-matched to your 4Runner which really sets this rack apart from the competition. The Alpha rack comes with the same scene pods as the Bravo, just another great feature of this rack.

6 grab handles are also included in your purchase of the Alpha rack. No other roof rack mentioned in this article comes with a set of handles (other than Sherpa although those are built-in). While it might not seem like much, having those handles adds a secure place for you to hold onto while you are reaching for something on top of your 4Runner. Whether it be mounting equipment or washing off your rig, the handles will definitely come in handy. If you are looking for a unique roof rack with a massive footprint for rooftop tents or storage, this rack is one to consider. Plus, it looks freaking killer!


  • $800+
  • Varying Light Bar Cutouts
  • Scene Pod Knockouts
  • No Drilling Required
  • Moonroof Compatible
  • Impressive Features
  • Unique Design
  • Lots of Handles


  • Accessories Purchased Separately
Alpha 5th GEN 4Runner roof rack with four baja designs LP6 in the integrated front fairing cutout.