Which TRUSS Bed Rack is Right For You?

Which TRUSS Bed Rack is Right For You?

Which Bed Rack Setup is Right for You? 

You might have seen upTOP’s roof racks with their color matching, scenePODs, grab handles, and unique front wind fairings but have you seen their bed racks? They burst into the overland scene in 2019 from a DIY thread on a Tacoma forum that quickly launched into a business. Two years later they have amassed a large social media following by gaining notoriety for their high-quality roof and bed racks manufactured in Colorado. These guy really have pushed the limits when it comes to rack setups! Including a roof rack capable of mounting seven Baja Designs LP4’s, yes, that is a whole lot of light. Additionally, they have pushed to create multiple variations of their TRUSS bed rack system for different applications. We are going to be going over the pros and cons of each bed rack setup to help you choose what is right for your Tacoma!


TRUSS Bed Rack on Jeep Gladiator


What is The TRUSS Bed Rack?

The TRUSS bed rack is made completely of aluminum and utilizes legs, side armor, and load bars to create a modular setup that is lightweight as well as strong. The bed rack weighs in at around fifty pounds. It comes in three different heights ranging from six, eleven and a half, and nineteen inches. Each leg mounts to the bed rail or cover and is connected to another leg via side armor. Side armor is designed to help strengthen the TRUSS bed rack. It also has the capability to mount Rotopax, MaxTrax, Waterport, bicycles, shovels, axes, and more to the side armor. Load bars are extruded aluminum powder coated black and slotted for easy mounting options. Overall, the bed rack is strong enough to mount a roof top tent and has multiple load out setups allowing you to customize your setup. Install time on these bed racks is relatively short with an estimated amount of one hour.


TRUSS to bed rack to bed rail

TRUSS to Bed Rail

This is the original TRUSS bed rack by upTOP Overland mounting directly to the existing bed rails on your Tacoma. If you are just getting into overlanding this bed rack is a quick addition to allow you to mount gear and a roof top tent. This setup is also great for someone who wants to be able to remove their bed rack and have full access to hauling with their bed. With no bed cover there is unrestricted loading height under your bed rack, it allows you to fit taller objects such as large coolers, storage containers, or even stack gear. Perfect to get a bed rack setup and on the trails!

  • Quick way to mount a roof top tent
  • Low cost to entry
  • Unrestricted loading height under bed rack
  • No cover to secure or hide gear in bed


TRUSS bed rack to Retrax XR

TRUSS to Retrax

Retrax bed covers are retractable bed covers that have been around for over 20 years. Their special Trax Rail System allows for unique and personal customization above their truck bed cover. The team at upTOP designed a bed rack that works directly with this rail system that is strong enough to hold a roof top tent. It is a standout setup as you get the ability to have a bed cover that is able to be retracted (opened) with a bed rack. Almost any folding bed cover will lose function once you have a bed rack, roof top tent, and gear. Great retractable cover with a bed rack!

  • Able to open bed cover with bed rack
  • Keeps you gear secure hidden
  • Must have cover to use bed rack
  • Cover decreases useable length of truck bed


TRUSS Soft top compatible


TRUSS Softopper Compatible

Got a Softopper canvas bed cover? These are great solution for adding a bed cover similar to a cap, but it can easily be folded down and secured without having to be removed. With this in mind the Softopper Compatible TRUSS bed rack is designed to maintain the function of the cover without having to take off the bed rack. Simply removing middle load bar, you can quickly fold the Softtopper down and be on your way. Additionally, this is the only bed rack made by upTOP that is adjustable in height. This has to be one of the nicest setups that can give you a secure area for your gear, zero sacrifice on height under the bed rack, and help keep the elements off of your gear when you are on the trail.

  • Zero loss of space under bed rack
  • Easy to fold down without removing bed rack
  • Adjustable height
  • Not as secure as locking systems


TRUSS Diamondback cover Bed Rack


TRUSS To Diamondback Bed Cover

These tough heavy-duty covers are built to take on adventure or load gear on top of. With a design that revolves around folding it is difficult to have a bed rack and still maintains this functionality. Mounting the TRUSS bed rack to the tie down cleat locations with two separate racks allows you to keep the same great functionality of the Diamondback bed cover. Unfortunately, when you add a roof top tent it will span the length of the TRUSS bed rack you will no longer be able to fold open the cover. That’s okay, take your tent off when you are not using it, and you now have all the functionality back. Great setup for someone looking for a heavy-duty bed cover that could be used to load some weight on. This is an extremely secure setup, keeping your gear in the bed locked up and hidden, and it is the only cover that can hold a lot of weight loaded onto it.

  • Strong cover and extremely secure
  • Can have weight loaded on the cover
  • Loses functionality with a roof top tent mounted




If you are looking for a high-quality bed rack the team at upTOP overland has got you covered. Breaking down the pros and cons of each setup it is best to always plan out your build. Take time to assess what sacrifices you are willing to make and what is most important.


Article Written By: J. Nickelson