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What is it?
The Ute flat bed is a complete bed replacement system that requires the removal of the factory bed, tailgate, bumper, and in some cases the receiver hitch mount.
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What trucks will it fit?
We intend to release three available sizes as follows:
Mid Size Truck, Short Bed. This will cover your Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Colorado/Bison/Canyon, Jeep Gladiator, Toyota HiLux, Nissan FrontierFull-Size Truck, Short bed. By short bed here we mean the 5’5” option found primarily on Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, and RamFull-Size Truck, Long bed. By long bed here we mean the 6’5” option found primarily on Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, and Ram.
How will the product be sold?
The system will be available as a complete tray (the lower portion with the drawer, fenders, and side storage boxes) along with the canopy (The upper portion with the lift-up doors).
Can it be purchased as a stand-alone unit?
It will be possible to purchase the tray as a stand-alone unit (drawers, fenders, and side storage included) with or without the headache rack. This will be most attractive for full-size truck owners who use a 4 Wheel Camper style flat bottom camper. In this configuration, the canopy can always be added later in life as needed.
Other Features:
We will offer a set of bed sides with a removable (non-articulating) tailgate in order to maintain the function of an actual pickup truck bed. Those bed sides will be compatible with our existing TRUSS bed rack systems for even more versatility and configuration options.
All tray units will have DOT-approved tail lights with running, turn, and brake lights built in. Reverse light will be provided. Final location to be determined. These locations will be dependent on towing equipment requirements.
What type of metal will it be constructed using?
The major components will be constructed of stainless steel.
How much weight will it add to my truck?
The design goal is that a tray replacement would be net-neutral with no major weight increase to the vehicle over the stock configuration of truck bed, tailgate, and factory bumper/receiver hitch.
Will my factory trailer hitch still work?
In some cases, you will find that the factory receiver hitch is integrated into the rear bumper, requiring the addition of an aftermarket receiver hitch for towing requirements. These additional parts are not included with any Ute tray/canopy product. More information will be available as final production details are stitched together.
When will you be taking orders?
We are shooting for a 2022 Q4 launch date for accepting pre-orders.  We will update you as soon as possible once we have a hard launch date.

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