Quickwire Guide

Quickwire Guide

A reversion change has been made to quickWIRE products regarding the wiring colors and current capacity of the wiring used. The installation method, length, and attachment method of the harness remain the same. The changes are as follows:


Wiring colors:


  • Black/White Tracer: Front Left 11 Amps
  • Black/Grey Tracer: Front Right 11 Amps
  • Black/Green Tracer: Rear Left 11 Amps
  • Black/Purple Tracer: Rear Right 11 Amps
  • Black/Orange Tracer: Front Fairing Contact 1 23 Amps
  • Black/Red Tracer: Front Fairing Contact 2 23 Amps
  • Black/Blue Tracer: Rear Lighting Contact 16 Amps
  • Black (ALL): GROUND


All Pre-Inserted 2 Pin connectors will observe polarity as follows:

  • Pin1: Positive
  • Pin2: Ground


scenePOD Connectors

Revised to 8 pin connectors allowing individual wiring of scenePOD for left/right side options or different color lighting applications.

Quickwire can now be used on Alpha/Bravo rack systems as well as Prinsu.

Effective 11.30.2020 The retention fasteners will be shipped detached from the harnesses to eliminate damage in transit for installation by end user